Terms and Conditions

Booking Policy

For ALL session types a Non-refundable booking fee will be required in order to secure a date and time of desired session. This booking fee serves as a cancellation fee if client should need to change/reschedule/cancel the session for any reason. The remaining session Balance is due before the session end or if agreed upon before the release of the images taken during the given session.

Late Policy

              Arriving late due to any circumstance will be considered as time towards the session allotment. No additional time will be given due to tardiness. Also, the late arrival may affect the overall outcome of your shoot as additional outfit and or locations may not be reached due to time constraints. Additionally, the number of images may also be affected as a result of the late arrival. ADP is not required to schedule additional time or sessions to provide contracted numbers of images, outfits, locations due to late arrivals.

Cancelation Policy

              Any client who does not cancel or reschedule 48 hours prior to the scheduled shoot date and time will automatically forfeit their booking fee and will be considered a cancelation fee. If the client does cancel/request to reschedule the appointment prior to 48 hours then, at ADP’s discretion, the booking fee can be but is not required to be placed towards a second time and date in good faith based on circumstances of cancelation.

              If ADP cannot perform the agreed upon contract due to: Fire, Casualty, Act of God, or any other cause beyond the companies control; or in response to illness and or emergency, or due to owners discretion, then the booking fee will be returned in good faith and have no further liability to respective contract or individuals. This Limit in Liability also applies in the event that Photographic materials are lost, Damaged, Corrupted through camera, and or other medium malfunction. In the event that ADP is unable to perform for any other reason, ADP shall not be liable for any monetary amount greater than the total amount of monies paid out to ADP at time of failure.

Brand Ambassadors

all brand ambassadors will be given discounted session pricing with the intent that the content created will be used in advertising material. By booking a brand ambassador shoot you understand that all permissions will be awarded to ADP. The content created will be used in good faith and in good taste as stated in the contract signed at end of the session. Brand Ambassadors are required to post the content created on social media on at least three occasions whether through stories or actual social media posts. Failure to do so can disqualify you from being selected for future brand ambassador shoots. Brand Ambassadors are also required to give appropriate recognition of ADP being the creator and sole owner of all content.

Andrew Druyor